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2013-Oct-14 12:09
posted by beijingladys
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We still think of this as The Forbidden City, and it is a must-see in Beijing! You won't be disappointed I can assure you!
Your first impression is from Tiananmen Square and it dominates this largest of squares from the outset!
Once you're inside you're taken in by the sheer scale of the place - it's immense!
Area follows enclosed area with beautifully decorated pagodas and buildings in each one.
You can't access the majority of these pagodas but you can see into many.
It's when you realise there are hundreds upon hundreds of rooms, that housed thousands of people, that one realises it's truly a city within a city!
Yes, it's very busy but as most of the tourists are Chinese you don't mind that - it simply adds to the atmosphere and character of the place!
 Forbidden City Tour
Absolutely amazing place, and this was my second time there and I'll go back!
Forbidden City in Beijing which was used as the royal palace in Ming and Qing Dynasty has listed as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Explore the timeless splendor of Forbidden City by join our private Forbidden City Tour. By our professional service and outstanding guide, hope you could discover deep history of China after visit Mutianyu Great Wall and Tiananmen Square which also include in this Beijing Forbidden City Tour.
Now Beijing Forbidden City is one of  local people's favorite attractions. Many People Arrange a  Beijing forbidden city tour for their holiday! And other want to have a forbidden city tour with their friends! The beauty of the forbidden city beijing attractions is The perfect place for you to take your holiday!

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2013-Oct-13 09:08
posted by beijingladys
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I went to this part of the Great Wall as a tour I booked from the hostel I was staying at. It's a distance out but a bus ride there was a good time to take a nap. Make sure you bring a backpack with water and snacks. You can take the gondola up to the wall it's very cheap or you can walk up. I wanted to take the hike all the way to Simatai but that part was closed. This place is stunning and hardly any other people were there which made the experience even more awesome. Haven't visited Mutianyu or Badaling so can't compare but I chose this spot because it has not been repaired so you can see it in it's original splendor and the scenery is incomparable.
Jinshanling Great Wall Tour 
Beside Jinshanling Great Wall which popular for its hiking path, there is Mutianyu Great Wall that also famous among hiking lovers. With this one of our Great Wall of China Tours, visitors could enjoy beautiful views around as well as its magnificent structures of the Wall itself. 
This section of the Great Wall is very well preserved. It is about 2 1/2 hours driving distance from Beijing in reasonable traffic via a brand new freeway. From the entrance, visitors can take a gondola to the top (there is a separate fee for that - 30 or 40 RMB/person) or walk up to the wall. We chose to take the gondola on the way up and the walking path on the way down. The path is brand new and not entirely finished in places.
We ended up with an impromptu guide, a local lady who was trying to sell us souvenirs. She decided to walk the wall with us in hopes that we'll buy something from her at the end. She made the hike a lot more interesting. She told us about the local farmers, the wildlife and plants, and the history of the area and current politics. One of the things we bought from her was a book called The Great Wall featuring photographs taken by her brother. At the end of the book there is a photo of the photographer's family, including our guide. 
Great Wall Hiking Tour
So Welcome to Jinshanling ! And as Jinshanling Great Wall is the most natural part of the great wall !It's perfect to have great wall hiking on it !
Jinshanling Great Wall Tour is also very hot in China ! Cheap price and many fun things to do. ok join great wall of china tours !

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